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We all know that weight loss requires a lot of hard work. However, several studies have shown that if we change some of our habits we can actually lose those pounds without too much effort. Bright Side invites you to try these 15 promising tricks to lose weight naturally.


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  1. When she said breath deeply …I take a deep breath 😂

  2. When she said ”sit up straight” did anyone else get up and sat straight 😀

  3. I’m gonna try deep breathing cause it’s the easiest for me

  4. I tried the small plate and I ended up eating 2 servings.

  5. “number 15 breathe deeply”
    me: *starts breathing heavily*

  6. I actually do some of these without even realising

  7. if i drink 2 cups of water before eating i don’t want to eat😂😂😂😂

  8. I tried to eat vegetables every morning
    I’ve ate a vegetable every morning for a few days…
    Then after the vegetable…
    I eat some pancakes, eggs, bacon, cookies and ice cream🤤

  9. I do all of these things but I’m still fat 🙁

    • Hey cutie girl. I would suggest you ignore sugar and some carbohydrates. Eat lots of protein, vegetables and a little of carbohydrates. Don’t worry so much about the exercise, you can do something simple like walk, push ups, sit ups or whatever. Anything that u eat is for what matters.

      The truth about sugar is that makes your body inflated same way with carbohydrates. That is the truth cuz after finishing my school year I checked the mirror and saw my belly was inflated, but after around 1 month without eating much sugar, I checked the mirror again and I looked less inflated.

      My mother told me that a friend of her she ate Tuna like for 20 days and she lost so much weight until she got sick of it, but it really worked.

      Well I hope this helps.

      Don’t give up girl you can do it.
      I have faith in you =)

  10. Why was this in my recommendation?
    Is YouTube trying to say I am fat?

  11. 4:25 that girl made me so uncomfortable


  13. Did anyone start to think of rubbing paper towels on their stomachs and legs when she said to rub excess fat with a paper towel…

  14. This sounds like a perfect way to end up in an eating disorder

    • Dranzira
      – Calories are calculated by a Calorimeter wich basically combusts food in order to know the heat energy set free in the process. Calories= heat energy

      – Our body does not combust or ‘burn’ anything and it doesn’t live off of heat energy either because we do not function like those machines. so why should those rules apply to our body?

      You can’t justify biochemical processes with an outdated law such as the law of thermodynamics wich health professionals from the 1960s came up with.

    • all these tips are on proana sites. it’s actually kinda funny. I mean the illness isn’t funny, but everyone gets mad and concerned when people don’t eat a lot or enough. but this video is saying you will lose weight if you eat less. It kinda influences not eating. It’s odd how different people react to these type of things. (sorry for the choppyness, my English isn’t the best)

    • Random Person Hope you heal soon. Wishing you all the best and positive vibes. I went to treatment because I didn’t want to end up killing myself, when I went it turned out that if I had waited any longer then I would have never been able to conceive any children. So please, try to get treatment if you haven’t. Now I’m one year clean! Of course I helped alongside my doctor and decided to eat food that didnt make me feel guilty: vegetables. Thus I became vegetarian! Perhaps my technique might work with you too?

    • I suffer from an eating disorder and this is how I started 🙁

  15. spicy food is my gender :))

  16. So… it means I’m gonna start climbing 11 floors 🙂

  17. “Spicy food!” ❤️

  18. I’m willing to try all of them. Except watching myself eat. I would feel to awkward for that

  19. eating in front of the mirror is the worst thing you can do! Don’t do it

  20. It’s 38°C here in my place….and you expect me to take a hot bath ?!
    However…..The others are great….they gave me a lot of help^^

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