The face is beautiful, but the furred herb has been ruptured. Some of the bodies have been found in different parts of the body. It hurts in the beauty of the body, as it increases itself further, it does not get more problems.

Pediatrician Dr. Savina Bhattarai has given some tips on the problem and protection of herpes.

Let’s look at his tips:

In the place of herpes, the poor drug pyramid gets pipe by wound, and the process of growth increases rapidly, stirring and stroke cannot be done. Kapal’s grandfather is more likely to go to school going to school.

When the herpes is plain, the plain soap that is not used in the medicine should be bathed.

After bathing the cotton cloth is drying properly.

Use the medicine only to consult the doctor.

The use of pediatric medicine has increased the order for the treatment of normal medicine.

Be aware that external infections are not visible.

Never Treat Your Self.

In addition to meeting the physician, using medicinal medicines, it is also necessary to treat medicines for long-term fungal diseases.

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