We think of fruit as a low-calorie and healthy food, eating it for snacks and even instead of dinner. However, many of them contain as much as chocolate!

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  1. You guys can’t compare the sugar from a fruit to sugar from chocolate it’s in comparable

  2. Venicile Buissereth

    Now fruit is unhealthy? What’s next?

    *Drinking water raises your sodium by 50%?*

  3. you should not avoid avokado … you should avoid sugar, pizza, cola, white flower, chips and fast food, processed food. This video is not good

  4. Venicile Buissereth

    Wait, who tf would eat the stone?!

  5. This channel would literally make you scared to drink water

  6. So if they say that some fruit is as bad as chocolate does that mean I can eat chocolate instead?

    • Galaxy Wolf lol 😆 you funny I like this cause chocolate is not good for us unless it’s Unsweetened chocolate they out of pocket

  7. Christa-Maria Valentine

    Don’t understand me wrong, I really love bright side’s videos, but in that one, they said that bananas should be avoid while losing weight, but in another one, they say bananas helps losing weight!

  8. I tried an strawberry only diet for a week and lost 5kg!!

  9. I feel this isn’t true because I eat almost all of these fruits

  10. This video is bs dont listen to it people

  11. Kittycakes With Cat

    A doctor a day keeps the Apple away.

  12. Being a vegan that only eats fruits and vegetables I can tell you this is not true!
    sugar in fruit is NOT the same as table sugar! !

    • ok seriously? while i get a lot of vegans tend to act high and mighty.. she clearly was just using it as a point of reference so you can understand her personal experience… but yea lets keep hating vegans because thats whats cool to do lol. besides you dont know if shes vegan for moral reasons or health reasons..

    • I dont have problem with vegans,unless they became vegans because they wanted to save animal lives,seriously,if Vegans believe that they are saving lives,they are wrong

  13. I can stay away from foods easily, but i cant guarantee im gonna go out and buy expensive healthy food. Im still a teenager under my parents roof. I have to eat what they cook.

  14. Fruits contain natural sugars..

  15. Venicile Buissereth

    First, you can lose weight by eating 2 bananas a day but now bananas are……………….. Unhealthy.

  16. Τρελη μικρη Καστανομαλλα

    Can I eat air?

  17. But first you said avacados are healthy now unhealthy!! 😠

  18. Avacodo’s are very healthy for a person !

  19. Why is there a picture of avocado instead of Forest Berries in the ‘This is a better option’ list if they are saying avocadoes are bad?

  20. GRAPES 🍇 Are life i would never ever stop eating them NEVER!!!!!?!

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