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Burn 500 Calories in 30 Minutes at Home – Fat Burning Workout

How to burn 500 calories fast? Try doing this 30 minute fat burning workout, you can do it at home and no equipment is needed.
The video shows effective calorie burning exercises for women and for men and nutritional tips to lose weight fast.

🔲 Calorie Burn: up to 500

🔲 Workout Duration: 30 Minutes

🔲 No Equipment Needed

🔲 Workout Type: Calorie Burning Cardio

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Consult your doctor before starting this workout.

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  1. I’ve been doing it for 3weeks and lost 12 pounds thanks awesome vid and works well

  2. So easy…..to watch😂

  3. I did this for one month every day and I LOST 30 PONDS!!!!

    • The kinz tube Sister

      Kurai Phantom ancient humans where lucky to get all their nutrients in one meal in four days. It’s fine to not eat for even a whole week. You just need to fill up on water. But you should eat after at most a week.

    • The kinz tube Sister

      You shouldn’t do it every day. Your muscles need a rest atleast once a week.

    • I’ve lost 4 pounds in 1 week by simply detoxifying my body, using this method gametricks.online/vr?3g5h34 I feel really healthy now!!

  4. it’s really very hard for the beginners…. 🙁

  5. I’ve been doing this for about 3 months now and I lost 30 pounds

  6. Did anyone think that If you do the whole video for 2 times you’ll burn 1000 calories!😜😜

  7. I did the whole damn thing!! I feel so proud of myself and I definitely believe it when it says “burn 500 calories”, because I’m sweating a lot! It works! And it’s pretty easy for me.

    • It’s not that hard for me either. Maybe because I used to do military cardio for 1 hour everyday for months. I did this workout 2 times with a 5 min break after set 1 and I can honestly go for another 10 min after round 2 as well.
      It’s all about building endurance. Earlier I would die in just 2 min last year in May but now I really don’t think I’ll even have a problem finishing a marathon. Stamina just builds up.

    • BTS TWICE u need a certain amount of protein to build muscle, if u don’t consume enough you don’t build muscle.

    • Kurai Phantom

    • Pedrocas Ramalhocas

      No. Most of these exercises are cardio exercises – meaning you won’t build muscle while doing them. This workout is more directed into weight loss rather than muscle building.

    • You’ll always build muscles while working out

  8. Whoever coinceived the push ups – squats sequence at the end must have a deep black soul!!!!

  9. Wow everyone is like “I did 15 minutes, I did 20!” And I’m over here dead after 2 minutes:(😂 man I’m so out of shape

  10. Bruh I just finished. This workout is insane. I had to take a water break every 5 min but hey I finished.

  11. I feel like she’s taunting me everytime she says, “IF YOU CAN’T DO IT…”

  12. Those workouts are really good but not when you live in an apartment…

  13. a bit repetative… im doing this for fun so the same every few exercises isnt great!

  14. before starting the video, I promised myself to finish the video. but haha I didnt know “pushup, jump squat, pushup, jumpsquat, pushup…” omg. yet I completed it 💪

  15. I love your videos, but it would be much better if you would say motivational comments like other trainers, such as “keep going” or “you could do it”. Otherwise thank you for your videos. ❤

  16. No wonder its not a real human… LOL this was an awesome workout. It definently pushed me to my limit. Im going to try it 3 times a week.

  17. i did 15 mins .. enough for me.. my head hurts haha

    • Me and my 7 yr old cousin did this it turns out my cousin can do better then me ;-;.. turns out I can last 15 mins with 7 breaks and my cousin can last 30 mins with 8 breaks

    • Yeah lol…my head aches after 20 min

    • Jirpy Chirpy how’s it going ?

    • Young Hye LOL ME TOO. jk I’m taking a break at 15 mins and I’m gonna continue now from 15:38. Bye bye!! Gonna do this from Jan9-The last day of May. IM GONNA LOOK SO FRICKIN HOT FOR MY CRUSH! Just need to keep my smarts and have a balance though. Do everything for her yo!

    • Then your dehydrated I learn that from the gym . if you don’t drink a bunch of water or are eating to much before a work out can cause you to puke or get head ache

  18. I’m already dying and I’m not even half way through yet

  19. Nikoletta Caránková

    Lost 30kg in 6 months with this and also some pilates exercises. Didn’t starve myself eat 1500 cals a day and lowering it to 1200. Thankx to this workout ….🙌


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