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This will be a shock to everyone that doesn't know me in real life.. but yes I lost 60 pounds! I was fed up with being unhealthy and decided to change my life, and 4 years later it's crazy that I'm finally here and making this video to share to everyone. I remember envisioning this moment whenever I felt discouraged or unmotivated with my weight loss journey… Honestly guys, if I can do it, YOU CAN!!! Don't let anyone OR yourself keep you away from your goals and dreams. There's so much more I could share but this video would be a billiofwniofjaeiofjw minutes long haha, so I've narrowed it down to 10 super easy tips to get you to lose weight and keep it off! I followed these tips when I was losing weight, and still continue to follow them to this day. This is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix, but it's the only way you'll be able to get rid of your weight and keep it off. I promise if you make these changes to your life, you will see a change in your body. 🙂

Just wanted to put a disclaimer as well: Weight is a really complex thing, and you could be unable to lose weight for a certain number of medical reasons.. soo this might not work for everyone.

I don't even know if anyone reads the info section of youtube videos lol.. but if you did hey hello wassapppppp.. leave me a suggestion or question on what other health/fitness videos you wanna see!

ps sorry for the constant lighting changes in the video, I use natural light 🙁

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  2. You should try this if you wanna loose weight gametricks.online/1f9/ I’ve lost 4 pounds in 1 week by simply detoxifying my body

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  4. 60 likes-workout daily
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  5. 1. Drink water.
    2. Eat until you’re almost full.
    3. Swap to healthy carbs.
    4. Eat on a smaller plate.
    5. Eat spicy food.
    6. Don’t tempt yourself.
    7. Keep reminding yourself of your goal.
    8. Weigh yourself once a week.
    9. Don’t be scared of strength training.
    10. Use others as motivation.
    11. Don’t diet.

  6. 1 like = confidence
    10 like=never eating junk food for a the rest of the year

  7. 5 likes- 1 day of exercise

  8. 1 like = 1 jumping jack

  9. You have no idea how this video changed my life I was “the fat kid” and every single person laughed at me and I was depressed then when I came across this video it’s seriously changed my life, I followed this all summer and on the first day back to school I felt so awesome I lost 110 pounds thank you so much from my heart I really appreciate it❤️

  10. Also, DO NOT even think about throwing up or starving yourself. ED is not worth your life.

    • M K to late 🙁

    • +Onoskelis Idk how old you are or how much you want to lose or how heavy you are, but I know that when you are satisfied with your goal weight and want to maintain it. It can be really hard, bc when your body is getting (only) 500 calories a day, your body can get or is in a ”saving mode”. That means if you were surviving with little or no food in the woods or like a wild animal, your body have an instinct that does everything it can to make you survive. So when your body gets in the ”saving mode”, you just trick your body and make it think that you are starving and it stores everything you eat + you get a slow metabolism. So when you are starting to maintain your weight, you just gain all the weight you have lost back on.

      Thats why eating 1 500 calories a day is worth it to:
      Get a fast metabolism
      Always be warm
      Not losing that much hair
      Less binge
      No moodswings
      And most inportant, always be satisfyed.

      And people are training bc:
      You get a fast metabolism
      Fat is actually gone through you breathing when exercising
      You build muscle
      It fight depression and anxiety
      It makes you happy

      And btw i’m not a doctor. I have just watched like 50 videos about weight loss and searched around the internet for around 3 years. But do whatever you want. If you want to starve yourself its your own opinion. Just so you know😛

    • Onoskelis anorexics love food. In fact I get re obsessed with it

    • Maja_s 14 survival mode is a myth

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  16. I feel like I lost 60 pounds just watching this video lol 😂

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    • 5 min added to my workout
    • 2 days without fluids that arent water, tea, black coffee

  18. “Eat spicy food”
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    I really need motivatio rn I’m so self conscious about my body so much like y’all don’t even know 😂

  20. Okay, I’m seeing everyone else do this, so *1* like = *1* day without sugar! 😄👍👍

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