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How to Lose Weight in 1 Month

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Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, winner of YouTube Next Trainer, and was also recently named FITNESS Magazine's Best Healthy Living Blogger.

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  1. I hit the gym everyday for 2 whole hours and just do non stop working out but then I get home and eat my whole kitchen lmao

  2. Here I am the beginning of August, because I was planning on losing some weight throughout the whole summer, but junk food has completely taken over. No more playing around. 1 Month left, Lets do this August.😂💪🏼

  3. This girl is so cute. I love her and how positive she is.

  4. I’m 12 which I know is really young but I used to weigh 140 last year but I dropped down to 135 in 2 weeks because I was running/walking my dog everyday but now I’ve really just been slacking off and now I weigh 164 which I know is really bad (I’m 5ft 2in) I’ve tried your monthly calendar and tried to eat healthier but only lost 2 lbs and I was doing this for about 2 weeks. My mom is losing weight too and things have gone great for her she lost 50lbs in 5 months I really wish I could do that does anyone have tips on how I can lose weight like I did a year ago? Thanks x

    • Lulu Shinkai but ur so tall i don’t think u should lose that much weight! I mean if u want go for it but I feel like ur a really healthy weight for ur height! I’d love to be ur weight!

    • Stephh Marquez You’re doctor is stupid, 119 is not “overweight” wow.

    • Holla! Anyone tried the Fat Blaze Factor (just google it)? Ive heard a number of awesome things about it and my buddy burned alot of unwanted fats.

    • rukk she meant 73 kg that is a lot my mother that has given birth to 3 children is 63 kg ( no hate just informing) 🙂 😊😊

  5. I’m literally watching all of your videos, I’ve completed day one of the beginners calender and done one or two other videos on the side, I know its not much yet, but I’ve started eating a lot healthier and although my muscles are sore right now and will be very sore tomorrow, I am very keen to keep going until I reach my goal of losing 15 kg (33 pounds). I already feel healthy 🙂 thank you so much

    • I’ve lost 17 kg in past 6 months, without any trainer or professional gym (I have a compact home gym) WHILE managing studies. Cassie’s and other fitness videos helped a lot. Don’t quit, keep going! It’s possible 🙂 eat clean and move your muscles and be patient 😀 and Ya, Youtube DOES help :p

    • +Cheng Fuyi dont’ give up, keep going 🙂

    • I have 20kg to go :/

    • Ayuna Extraordinary

       I’m proud of you too. Atleast you lost something while I’ve added 5. Goodluck with the rest! And don’t say it’s not much because to me you’re  6 kg far from where you started and closer to where you want to be.

    • I haven’t lost all of it, I went through a couple of stuff ups (which is expected) but I have pulled through I think I’ve lost around 6kg which isn’t much for the space of time, but for my standards I’m still pretty proud of myself.

  6. oh god, i gotta get started

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    • +Conchita Capo email me truefit101@gmail.com Herbalife is a great way to lose weight and you are eating every 2-3 hours 

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    • Do you want to lose weight quickly? There’s a great way to do it along with a bad way. Should you go with the bad way, there’s a good possibility the weight is only going to come back following a month or so. This is not good. Luckily, the smart way to lose weight is not hard. Once you understand what you need to do, the rest is actually simple. That is why I like The Venus Factor. They have everything you need to find out how to shed weight the proper way. Take a look at this site for more info. badassbutton.com/31-How-To-Lose-Weight-69

    • +Debbie Pang
      It is never too late to get a fitness journey started.

  7. This video is about losing weight and the first thing I see before this video is a cake advert, full of cream and icing… oh ok

  8. watching this in 2016, who else? haha. hey cas can i have the password?

  9. honestly exercising, planning your meals and being vegetarian/vegan can help you drop so many pounds

  10. do a “how to be tall” video i need it lmao

  11. Well… I’m doing Sweatvember and Sweatcember. I missed this in September.

  12. I tend to eat many bc i see so many food in our house like ugh i want to discipline myself but I just cant resist it

    Btw im not thin neither fat just okay for my height idk what my weight is tho haha

  13. I feel so motivated every time i view your videos…

  14. Any advice for people with sweet teeth and a habit to not do routines?
    I’ve tried dieting before and I’ve ended up a whole kilogram above what I started out as, so some help would be lovely! 🙂

  15. Can you do another diet bet after the holidays ?

  16. I’ve been on a mission to lose some weight in 2013 and a buddy of mine recommended WeightLossGreenStoreTea . I was skeptical at first, but I’m already seeing results. The tea showed up faster than expected and I tried it right away. It has a very pleasant taste to it and doesn’t leave me with the jittery feeling other weight loss products I have experimented with Weight loss green store.

  17. hahha I love you so much, your videos is just awesome!

  18. Anyone watching 2018?

  19. How do u eat healthy if you grow up in a household with abuncha rice and no fruits or veggies smh

  20. dont listen to that banana lady. you are healthy and a great motivator 

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