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What I Eat To Lose Weight

What I Eat to Lose Weight | I’m taking you through what I eat in a day to show you how I manage my portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner complete with snacks to get my abs snatched! Since turning 30 my body has completely changed and I've had to make changes and be disciplined in the gym and in the kitchen just to keep up and slay my younger days away! Do you boos have any fitness tips? Let ya girl know in the comments!

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  1. She said she was having a big lunch, then she made a salad. I need to re-evaluate my life and my ideas regarding portions.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks Maya is glowing? Like girlfriend’s looking so hot lately, she got some abs, a boyfriend, her birthday is coming soon.. so happy for you!

  3. Maya, you should totally read the book ‘How Not To Die by Dr Michael Greger.’ He talks about the latest in evidence based nutrition and in particular his ‘daily dozen.’ Literally changed the way I look at food, PLUS it healed my body (healed my acne & digestive issues, lost weight, develop a healthier relationship with food, brighten my eye colour, increase energy levels and helped me to love who I am . Have a playlist for it over on my channel. xx

  4. I gotta get it together and lose this baby pouch cause my baby is now 11…. sigh

  5. ‘SINCE I TURNED 30’ wtf girl you dont look a day over 21 damnnn

  6. TheDeneOfEverything

    omg, I turned 30 last year, and the changes my body has been through in the last year have been INSANE! It’s like I hit puberty all over again! Hormones are a powerful drug! I went from straight boy body to curvy woman body in like 3 months! My birthday is May 25th I’ll be 31, and I feel like even though I’ve changed a lot (mentally and physically) over the past year, being in my 30’s is magical ✨ I literally give no f* about what anybody think about me anyone more. #blackgirlmagic

    • I love that 😍

    • noooo i don’t want to hear this ish!!!! i just turned 20 in May and already feel old and blegh.

    • Fellow Gemini turning 31 next month! ✌🏾️

    • TheDeneOfEverything

      itsme2387 Exactly! Me too! It was like my body was changing to accommodate a baby I haven’t even decided I’m ready for yet 😂😂😂 It was a good thing I was already doing BeachBody OnDemand and eating healthy. It’s been a struggle trying to figure out how to dress my new curvy shape, but I embrace it, I’m enjoying being a little more womanly.

    • TheDeneOfEverything

      Sandi Smith I’m glad to hear it’s all worked out for you. I feel the same way, with age come wisdom and perspective. As well as acceptance of ourselves as we are regardless of what others might think. You’re making me look forward to 35 😁 only I hope the hormones level out because that ish is crae 😂😂😂

  7. I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t hear the part about cashews, I love cashews lol

  8. Does anyone else always say that they’re actually going to start to live a healthy lifestyle but then you buy french fries and a Big Mac?

  9. Wait your 30 girl stop lying

  10. great tips!! I am a truck driver and it is hard to eat well..Thank you for sharing!!

  11. Maya has a new vid? (Slowly closes textbook)…late night essay write-ups can wait.

  12. Amber Rechellè Polk

    I have lost a total of 150lbs now ( only 50 lbs until I reach my goals.) what I inform people to do is eat real food, use plant based oils, eat a lot of vegetables , lean meats , and good cabonhydrates. It is really significant to write down the meals that have been eaten, and please invest in herbs !!!

  13. Maya, you’re glowing; there’s so much progress here! Dare I say, new bae is very good for the team.

  14. 30?? LOL… Your body will change again at 40 and 50 +++ so it’s good that you’re doing healthy eating habits and exercising to continue through out your life journey. Thanks for the awesome video from someone who’s 50+ who’s still continuing on her journey.

    • Jaime Laffoon

    • My body was better at 30 than in my 20s because I found out I have a thyroid problem, then that plummeted at 35 after my second child. Finally at 39/40 I found out I’m anemic and had low testosterone, now I’m fixing those thing working out with an awesome trainer and gradually looking better!

    • dldl you are absolutely right. I’m glad you’re starting the journey early. I was able to eat what I wanted and then I hit 40 and my metabolism came to a halt. Since I was always athletic and played sports I still had some metabolism left. But girl when I turned 50 four years ago, I had to take the weight training up a notch. That said, even if you slip, just get
      Right back up. Keep up the great work. Maya has some awesome tips.

    • S. Greene Right!!! Every time I eat something I should not I have to pay!!!!! 😂

    • dldl I’m the same. I could never eat whatever I wanted. Thanks for this!

  15. Just had a baby 2 weeks ago and I’m ready to snatch my entire body !!!!

  16. 😭😭😭😂😂😂 “80 calories and what?” 🤷‍♀️ lmaoooooo meeeee 😂

  17. I just want to know how you do your hair like that cause I can’t even with mine lol

    But On a side note I was born with abs yeah it’s just covered in a layer of fat

  18. Turning 30 was a breeze for me, still had abs and my waist was snatched even after 2 kids… but turning 41???!!

    Things done changed!! I actually have to pay attention now 🙁 I still make it pop, but it’s effort now! Dang!

  19. TiffanyAlesha - Beauty, Fashion, Fitness

    girl you gorgeous, inside and out!

  20. Needed this video! Just started my fitness journey. It’s so hard to diet In Trinidad 😩 Doubles and Roti😥 Saw you on the road ! U looked great! Love u!

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